A feeling of warm well-being is obtained through relaxation. Supported in a comfortable environment and guided by the Healing Touch practitioner, simple deep breathing begins to focus the client’s attention inward from everyday thoughts. Relaxation acts in harmony with expansive flow of energy to counter stress and its corrosive effects, the surge of stress hormones that make the heart pound, muscles tense, keep one on high alert. During a Healing Touch session, muscles relax, circulation increases elevating oxygen levels, the body is influenced at the cellular level. The wisdom of the whole person-mind, body, spirit-draws from rich dimensions of relaxation. Creative problem solving is often a by-product of deep relaxation. As the idea of ‘warm well-being’ brings a variety of images, so relaxation and a Healing Touch session are similarly varied, individualized through assessment of the client’s biofield and application of chosen techniques.

Practical and emotional demands of our network of family and friends often preclude self-care, and balancing these commitments further challenges it. “The practice of self-care urges each person, through mercy, to enter into the deep chaos of one’s own complicated life,” James Keenan writes in Nourishing the Spirit. The same generosity, understanding, and responsibility we extend to others, we can urge towards self. A Healing Touch session offers time and space to connect, open, and balance one’s energy system. Insight, self-knowledge, and awareness emerge. The Healing Touch Practitioner uses hands in a heart-centered way, influencing the human energy system and putting the client in a position to self heal. The Self-Chakra Connection and Self-Mind Clearing are two self-care techniques I suggest for care between sessions.

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