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Distant Healing

The Distant Healing Experience

Experience the benefits of a Healing Touch session as you relax at home. Distant Sessions begin with a phone conversation and a discussion of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual issues. We co-create an intention for the session and as you are comfortable and undisturbed for an hour, I proceed as if you are on my treatment table.

Attuned to you, I center myself and assess your biofield—aura, chakras—applying techniques to connect, open and balance your energy system. At the conclusion of a session there is time for feedback and suggestions for self-care. I provide written/emailed feedback.


Since January 2018 I have offered monthly Distant Sessions and am humbled by the profound sense of connection and benefits experienced.


Initial 90-minute Distant Healing session includes Consent and Intake: $75.00

Follow-up 60-minute Distant Healing sessions: $60.00

To arrange for Distant Healing, please find my calendar, email, phone on the Contact tab.

“Healing Touch practitioners can apply their skills in the provision of long distance treatments, which can be equally as effective as in-person treatments. Long distance treatments are scientifically supported through studies on non-local (distance) healing, consciousness, the power of intentionality and research in quantum physics.”

- Official Notebook for the Healing Touch Certification Program, Level 1


“I have really enjoyed receiving Healing Touch from Anne. Pre covid, the sessions were in person. They helped immensely with pain relief, reducing anxiety and helping to manage stress. With covid on going and a transition to distant sessions, I discovered that I have the same sense of calm and relaxation as if I were receiving an in person treatment. It's awesome how powerful the sessions can be and after words I always feel that a weight was lifted. I can go about my day in a more productive and energized fashion. Anne truly has a gift for healing.”

- L.P., Madison, WI

“Anne is a truly gifted healer. She is intuitive, caring and compassionate. Her energy and treatments are powerful and incredibly effective, bringing much appreciated healing and relief to my mind, body and spirit."

- E.S., Santa Cruz, CA

“I contacted Anne Tigan to give me a distance healing after my home was lost in the California Camp Fire. The hour we spent was wonderful and allowed me to be calm and free of the pain I was experiencing with a tooth and arm that I broke last June. I am a true believer in the power of distance healing and will continue to call on Anne in the future."

- D.C., Paradise, CA

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