Distant Healing

The Distant Healing Experience

Experience the benefits of a Healing Touch session as you relax at home. Distant Sessions begin with a phone conversation and a discussion of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual issues. We co-create an intention for the session and as you are comfortable and undisturbed for an hour, I proceed as if you are on my treatment table.


Attuned to you, I center myself and assess your biofield—aura, chakras—applying techniques to connect, open and balance your energy system. At the conclusion of a session there is time for feedback and suggestions for self-care. I provide written/emailed feedback.

Since January 2018 I have offered monthly Distant Sessions and am humbled by the profound sense of connection and benefits experienced.

Initial 90-minute Distant Healing session includes Consent and Intake: $75.00

Follow-up 60-minute Distant Healing sessions: $60.00


To arrange for Distant Healing, please find my calendar, email, phone on the Contact tab.

“Anne is a truly gifted healer. She is intuitive, caring and compassionate. Her energy and treatments are powerful and incredibly effective, bringing much appreciated healing and relief to my mind, body and spirit. 

- E.S., Santa Cruz, CA

“I contacted Anne Tigan to give me a distance healing after my home was lost in the California Camp Fire. The hour we spent was wonderful and allowed me to be calm and free of the pain I was experiencing with a tooth and arm that I broke last June. I am a true believer in the power of distance healing and will continue to call on Anne in the future. 

- D.C., Paradise, CA

“Healing Touch practitioners can apply their skills in the provision of long distance treatments, which can be equally as effective as in-person treatments. Long distance treatments are scientifically supported through studies on non-local (distance) healing, consciousness, the power of intentionality and research in quantum physics.” - Official Notebook for the Healing Touch Certification Program, Level 1

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