About the Practitioner
Anne Tigan | RN & Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP)

In 1984 after graduating from UW-Madison with a B.S. in Nursing, I worked in the hospital setting with adult surgical patients. In 1992 I found my niche and my love and began a twenty-five year nursing career at UW Hospital and Clinics on the Infants and Toddlers Unit, which is now American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH). In 1999 I completed a master’s degree in religious studies from Edgewood College and found opportunity for parish nursing, working with two local Lutheran churches part time for eight years while continuing hospital nursing. I develop and lead retreats in the Madison area. I am a labyrinth facilitator, receiving my training from Lauren Artress.

Strep throat and an ear infection led me to Healing Touch in 2013. The ear infection was very slow to clear and I sought out an acupuncturist, which helped some, but the congestion and discomfort continued—and my hearing was affected. Somewhat familiar with UW-Integrative Medicine and the Healing Touch practitioner there, I put myself in her hands. Before the session was over my ear opened up, the congestion was completely relieved, and it stayed open. In May 2013 I enrolled in the Level 1 Healing Touch class and completed Level 5 in Denver, Colorado in October 2015. In April 2016 I gained certification. During this time a grant for a pilot project brought Healing Touch Practitioners from UW-Integrative Medicine to hospitalized patients at UW Hospital and AFCH. I facilitated the presence of a Healing Touch practitioner at AFCH by educating nurses about Healing Touch.

One-hundred documented sessions are a required part of the certification process in Healing Touch. I learned during that process, and continue to learn, that a Healing Touch session is, by the nature of its assessment of the biofield, highly individualized. I enjoy providing individualized care and seeing the benefits Healing Touch brings to my clients.


I encourage you to explore my website and discover more about Healing Touch. Please click on the [Calendar, Contact] tab above or call me at 608-244-2635 for more information or to schedule an appointment. I have a home-based practice on Madison’s near east side.

What is Presence of Energy?

Gifts of well-being for mind, body, spirit.

Presence of Energy is the name of my home-based Healing Touch practice. I follow concepts integral to holistic practice for preparation of each client session, centering, grounding, attuning. The ability to center and quiet oneself is a primary dimension of caring.

The concept of Presence became a heart-centered reality in my 25-year career as a pediatric nurse. Presence, an interpersonal process, calls for an openness resulting in a deeper experience of caring. It contributes to my retreat development and labyrinth work as a contemplative openness.


Centering is the art of being fully present to my client. Grounding connects me and my client to the “here and now.” Attuning is the process of consciously entering into an energetic pattern with my client. Centering, grounding, attuning initiates a Healing Touch session and in my experience invites and welcomes presence and the flow of energy. Presence and energy are a co-operative intelligence, working to connect, open, balance the human energy system. According to the Healing Touch Program, “The goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system thus creating an optimal environment for the body’s innate tendency for healing to occur.”

A Healing Touch session at Presence of Energy brings gifts of well-being to mind, body and spirit. A session is typically administered with the client fully clothed on a treatment table. Off-body touch or a gentle (still) touch accomplishes assessment of the energy system.

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