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About the Practitioner

Anne Tigan | RN & Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP)

Prepared with a B.S. in Nursing from UW-Madison, I worked in the hospital setting for thirty-four years, several years with adult surgical patients and twenty-five years as a pediatric nurse. A Master’s degree in Religious Studies allowed me to combine my interests, working part-time for eight years as a parish nurse for two local congregations. I develop and lead retreats in the Madison area. Receiving my training from Lauren Artress, I am a labyrinth facilitator and often include labyrinths in retreat

In January 2013 I experienced significant relief in a Healing Touch session from an ear infection that had been very slow to clear up. I knew I needed to understand more about Healing Touch and took Level 1 with an instructor from Milwaukee. It was during this time Healing Touch practitioners from UW-Integrative Health obtained a grant for a pilot project, bringing them to hospitalized patients at UW Hospital. I facilitated the presence of a Healing Touch practitioner at American Family Children’s Hospital, educating nurses about Healing Touch. In April 2016, after providing 100 documented Healing Touch sessions and completing Level 5 of the program, I gained Healing Touch Certified Practitioner status.

A Healing Touch session is highly individualized. I enjoy providing focused care and seeing the benefits Healing Touch brings to my clients.


Presence of Energy

A home-based Healing Touch practice

Centering, Grounding, Attuning are concepts integral to a holistic practice. They initiate a Healing Touch session and in my experience invite heart-centered presence and the flow of energy. In practice, Centering is the art of being fully present to my client. Grounding connects me and my client to the “here and now.” Attuning is the process of consciously entering into an energetic pattern with my client.

Presence and energy are a co-operative intelligence, working to connect, open, balance the human energy system.

A Healing Touch session at Presence of Energy brings gifts of well-being to mind, body and spirit. A session is typically administered with the client fully clothed on a treatment table. Off-body touch or a gentle (still) touch accomplishes assessment of the energy system.

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