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Presence of Energy

Gifts of well-being for mind, body, spirit.

Anne Tigan

Is life stressing you out? Do you carry emotional burdens, feeling stuck in old patterns?

The challenges of adjusting to what life
demands of you can result in feeling bogged down and drained of resources - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

A Healing Touch session, heart-centered and
intentional, connects, opens and balances your energy system. Healing Touch places you in a position to self-heal.



“Anne and I began working together over a year ago when I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, right when COVID started. I knew I would need help keeping my energy and emotions balanced. Our distant sessions the day after chemo, three times a month, help keep my body, mind and spirit the best they can.” 

- M.P., Madison, WI

“My time with Anne was so comfortable and relaxing. We talked quite a bit and her presence brings a sense of peace and safety, as well as touches of humor and perspective. Experiencing healing touch brought a feeling of rejuvenation and lightness. A lot of stress had fallen away by the end of the session...Thank you, Anne!” 

- Heather C.

“Whenever I have anything systemic - hives, colds, etc. - I run to Anne Tigan for healing touch.  And no matter what the problem, I quickly experience relief. Even just for centering and clarity, healing touch really helps, and Anne is a gifted practitioner. I couldn't say enough to recommend her as highly as she deserves.”

- F.D.

"I have found Healing Touch, as delivered by gentle practitioner, Anne Tigan, to be a helpful alternative way to promote my health and especially, my ability to relax tight muscles.  It also promotes personal reflection, reminding me of my own responsibility to stay healthy in a variety of ways.”

- M.T.M.

“My experience of Healing Touch with Anne has always helped deepen me as a person. She is both thorough and respectful as a practitioner. I recommend her highly.”

- G.R.

"My Healing Touch sessions with Anne leave me feeling calm, centered, and renewed.  It's a treat to feel so nurtured!"

- CN

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